FATAL ERROR: Unhandled Access Violation Reading 0x0040 Exception at 6ce39eh
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2005-03-26 14:50:38 UTC
Help Just started having this problem. Even when I disabled all virus protection programs and anti-spy problems, and AutoCAD Lt still crashes, exactly as described by others in this thread. Since it has been several months since the last post to this thread, I am hoping that AutoCAD has come up with a solution. Obviously some trojan or virus has found a weakness in AutoCAD, which remains after the protection software has done its work, but with the frequency of hack-attacks these days, I can't be reformatting my hard drive every month, and I am very much up to date on my protection programs. I run McAfee Virus Scan, McAfee Firewall, and Venus Spy Subtract Pro, as well as occasionally running Cool Web Shredder. I just downloaded the two patches I know of for Lt 2002.
2005-03-26 14:54:14 UTC
I forgot to mention that I have also reinstalled AutoCAD Lt 2 times, once with the fix errors option and once with the total reinstall option.